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Stihl KG-550 Sweeper

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Stihl KG-550 Sweeper
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The KG 550 push sweeper is the entry level push sweeper designed for the occasional user, for cleaning up smooth or uneven surfaces such as asphalt, concrete or pavers around the home, shed or carport. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, using the KG 550 sweeper can complete the job six times faster than using a broom. With a 25 litre easy access bin collecting and emptying is easy. The circular brushes on each side enable larger objects to be picked up, as well as allowing the sweeper to get up close to curbs and walls. Having adjustable height not only makes it easy to adjust to different surfaces, but also allows further adjustment as the roller wears low.

  • 55cm sweeping width
  • 25L capacity
  • 6kg